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Much as I love me some weird, I’m cautious about what I consume. I seldom have time to read up on the latest historic mysteries and odd sightings, and even less to winnow out the wheat from the chaff.

Internet to the rescue, and I don’t mean leaning on Wikipedia or [insert true believer or paranoid ranter here]:

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Allison Thurman

Allison Thurman has always made stuff: out of fabric, metal, beads, even exaggerated fencing moves. Of late she makes stories out of weird history, with fragments of pop culture, unsolved mysteries, and science fiction mixed in for texture. She lives in a galaxy far, far away (well, the DC metro area) with too many books and swords.

4 thoughts on “quality weird”

  1. Not the kind of reading I normally pursue (my mother’s many-years-ago description of me as “physically incapable of believing in anything you can’t hit with a hammer” still stands and Carl Sagan’s “The Demon-haunted World” remains the closest thing I have to a holy book) but not pursuing certainly doesn’t mean one doesn’t stumble across these things in surprising places.

    Which means I’m replying because I was hunting through my James Thurber books for a particular item and came across his 1957 essay on the Loch Ness Monster, “There’s Something Out There!” Which = it’s obviously FAR too long since I last read “Alarms & Diversions” because I’d forgotten this piece even existed. If you’ve never read it (and would like to), let me know and we’ll make arrangements. 😉

    1. I’ve grown more hard-headed with age, but these topics still fascinate me. *Something* is going on, even if it’s not what it immediately appears to be, or what is hyped by self-proclaimed “experts”. I’d love to read the LNM piece – email me!

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