biweekly links 12-20-2017

Merry Christmas to them what celebrate. Have some linkage:

Sex, seafood and 25,000 coffees a day: the wild 1920s superclub that inspired Babylon Berlin: Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Fresh from rewatching “Cabaret” for the nth time I’m happy to discover that Netflix just bought this new German show about Weimar Berlin. Fortunately (or not) movie and TV studios have the resources to recreate historical settings; in this case the show creators evidently took great pains get Moka Efti right.

Calf’s foot jelly and a tankard of ale? Welcome to the 18th century Starbucks: ye olde coffeehouses had more than just muffins and joe. I’d kind of like someone to recreate this, maybe put it inside the reproduction of the Moka Efti…

Here’s exactly how shrunken heads were made: I was endlessly fascinated by these as a kid, probably due to a childhood visit to one of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditoriums. While I’ve read about the process I’ve never seen it done before. Not for the squeamish, though it’s only a pig’s head.